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Architects, have a growing social responsibility, to use their skills to provide users of the built environment with an acceptable functional, visual and ecological culture.

In combining our expertise, originality and pro-active spirit, we strive for excellence in professional service delivery, to add value to our clients investments, while promoting a love and commitment to architecture. We serve with enthusiastic co-operation and high ethical standards the interest of our clients and the community at large.

“If we understand that design leads to the manifestation of human intention, and that if what me make with our hands is to be sacred and honour the earth that gives us life, then the things that we make must not only rise from the earth but return to it, so that everything received from earth can be freely given back without causing harm to any given living system, this is good design.” (William McDonough. 1993).

Company History

OSGLO Architects, Louis Trichardt was established as an architectural practice in 1996 and was formed out of the previous OSGLO group of companies.

This company is renowned for its high standard of architecture, project management and administration of building projects and is continuously striving to improve its internal capacity based on a successful track record.

As of the 31st of May 2005, our senior director is also registered as a Professional construction project manager with the South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professionals.

2 Professional Architects
2 Technical Staff - Historically disadvantaged individuals
1 Technical Staff - Youth (draughtsman in training)
2 Administration Staff - Historically disadvantaged individuals
1 Tea lady - Historically disadvantaged individual

OSGLO Architects, is dedicated to the reconstruction and development program. 80% of our staff are historically disadvantaged individuals, and 40% are female.

OSGLO Architects cc occupies office space in Louis Trichardt in the Makhado municipal district at 25A Erasmus Street. Through our intensive technological approach our fully computerised office enables us to commit more time to client consultations, design planning and presentation.

The following is a shortlist of necessary equipment:

  • 5x Full computer stations with the latest Autocad systems
  • 2x A1 plotters connected via a network system and file servers
  • Plan and administration re-production printing facilities

All our technical staff are trained in the use of the CAD systems and OSGLO Architects has all the necessary skills and resources to execute our duties professionally, delivering exceptional service and quality to our clients.

To ensure this the directors of OSGLO are actively involved with the design and management of all projects to ensure a smooth transition of the project from our offices to the construction site.

During our long years of practice we continually strive to assist in the developing of our technical staff, especially those from a historically disadvantaged background. We assisted historically disadvantaged students with their tertiary education, one of which is now a shareholder in the company.

As a decentralized office, away from the larger centres, we do not easily attract young professionals in to this area. We therefore believe in the career development of local historically disadvantaged people and youth.

Our total drawing office staff consists mainly of historically disadvantaged individuals and youth who receive proper technical in-service training with a career development strategy. This office rendered several services to communities at no costs and wish to note some of these activities:

  • Member of building committees with several church denominations.
  • Represented as chairman on the secondary school board
  • Represented in the aesthetical committees
  • Financial assistance and in-service training of historically disadvantaged individuals.
  • Assisted in the development of a community forums.
  • Training of works inspectors (building)
  • Professional assistance to Vhembe region local government.
OSGLO Architects is committed to the South African ideal in developing all the people of our country.

Our Services

You as the client, have many options on how you would like to engage with us. We can be appointed to provide a full turnkey service or you may want assistance on particular aspects of a project. Either way, we can customise our services to suit your particular needs.

Our experience has shown that when we handle all facets of the construction project, a better quality product as well as savings are generally achieved, giving you as client peace of mind that the project will be completed within budget. OSGLO Architects ensures that for the duration of the project communication and accountability remain focused.

OSGLO Architects, can if required easily engage in a specific role only, adding value and experience to the project team. As required by our Professional Indemnity Insurance all appointments are by means of the South African Institute of Architects - Client Architect Agreement.

Services Offered

  • Conceptual Design, Detailing (Through use of Hand Rendered drawings,
        AutoCAD and 3D Modeling)
  • Construction drawing documentation and detail drawing packs
        (AutoCAD Drawings)
  • Principal Agent / Project Administration : Co-ordination of professional
        team, Building Contract Admin.
  • Project Management of all projects related to the built environment.
  • Tenant Co-ordination
  • Sectional title Registration
  • Procurement and administration of appointed contractor.
  • Turn-key projects